Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What did I say in my very first post?  
The reason I started this blog was so I could record 


Today I never ever want to forget:


*she puckers up her lips for a kiss
*she catches air when she jumps!
*she has her very own language!
*she loves to jump in her crib
*she still picks up one piece of food at a time
*she is so ticklish!  She loves for me to rub and tickle her feet
*she is beginning to be able to ride her Minnie Mouse car


*he is so proud of himself when he does something new like climb up on the couch.  
*he loves to sit in the toy tub 
*he will shut his door, cry, and then shut it immediately as soon as I open it for him.  This one is quite annoying for Mama!
*he shovels his food into his mouth-always has!
*he can walk backwards
*he is so busy during the day but at night after he has been put to bed, I can get a great cuddle!
*he loves to push himself around on his Mickey Mouse car


*say "nana' when I ask if they want a banana!
*click their tongue
*love to jump in their cribs
*still love to dance! 
*walk around with mixing bowls and their drum on their heads
*they sing!
*love Sesame Street music and they love Elmo!
*they hate the baby gate!  

My little sweeties are growing up a little more each day *sniff*.  I love them and adore them and (usually!) enjoy every moment of our hectic days together.  I am the luckiest Mama ever!

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  1. They are awesome Wendy. You should be, and I can tell you are, very proud of them.


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