Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Bike Ride With Papa

From the day Patrice found out we were having "a" baby, 
he started talking about the day he would take
he or she for a ride in a bike trailer.
Little did he know then that we would need a double trailer!

We weren't sure how Ben and Emma would react to the trailer.
We were pretty sure Ben would be OK but Emma??

When I saw this picture I felt like crying.  Her face is saying,
"Papa, I'm scared but I'm with you so I'll be OK."
She loves her Papa so much!

Off they go!

Home at last!  They enjoyed the ride, except for the bright sun!
These  pictures were taken a few days later on another ride. 
Look at Emma's face this time. 
She was so excited to go for another bike ride with Papa!
Another successful "first"!


  1. Adorable!! We have talked about getting a trailor and starting to bike ride. We haven't done it yet. I am so glad they enjoy it!!


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