Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ben & Emma Love Santa!!

None of us were quite certain what Ben & Emma's reaction to Santa would be.  Most expected screaming which is usually the case in our extended family!  Everyone was pleasantly surprised by this reaction-
From the minute Santa walked in, they wanted his attention!
Here Ben is even patting Santa on the leg!
Emma did not pull Santa's beard but lovingly stroked it!
No smile, but he is not screaming!

All smiles!!!

I would call this Santa visit a complete success!  

It was a sweet experience to see my children on our Santa's knee!

Too bad our evening didn't end so sweetly.

Leaving the party, we slid off the road and hit a curb badly damaging our car. 
Our family was kept safe and sound (thank you, Father!).

Thank you Jim, Teresa, Scott and Mom and Dad who came running to our rescue! 

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