Friday, April 8, 2011


Rain, rain go sway, Ben and Emma want to play!
Emma's new favorite word?  
SHOES!  Pronounced "sshhhooez"
Look at those lips saying the "Sh" sound
Who knows what my boy was doing, 
but what a funny face!
Ben and Emma have been busy...
 Showing off their bellies,
Zooming around on their 
Mickey and Minnie Mouse cars

and playing with "baa's" (balloons)!

 Ben and Emma have been busy!  
They are repeating everything we say 
and learning new things every day!

Emma is especially saying alot of new words lately:
Mama, Papa, apple (ppl), ball (bl), balloon (baaa), car (ca), brother (can't duplicate!), Ben (Beee), shoes, hi, bye, done and more.

"More" is her newest word.  She was relaxing with her bottle in her bed while I was reading to them.  She whined for a minute until she got my attention and then held her bottle out to me.  
I asked her, "Did you finish your bottle?"
She nodded her head and whined a little more.
I asked if she wanted more milk and she nodded her head and said so plainly, "more".  It was so sweet, how could I refuse her??

Emma likes to tickle her own feet and will say 
"tickle, tickle, tickle!
She will now point to her nose, ears, eyes, and teeth 
but can only say  "no" for nose. 

Emma is my little sidekick when I "get after" Ben.  I noticed this week that she mimics my "Mama voice" when Ben is being naughty.      She says "Ben" in the same tone of voice I do!  
I actually had to say, "Emma, I'm the Mama!" to her! :) 
Like mother, like daughter!

Ben is my little man of action!  
He doesn't say many words yet but he is working on it.  He says:
Mama, Papa (always in a whisper), hi, bye, ball and balloon (ba), choo. and bottle (ba).  He may not say many words but Ben can tell quite a story complete with facial expressions and pointing.  
He makes "da, da" and "buh, buh, buh" sound fascinating!

Ben is Mama's little shadow.  He follows me everywhere, especially when I go to the "forbidden" places like the bathroom and the laundry room.  He can be happily playing and hear me open those doors and be behind me in no time!  

He likes to "help" put toys and laundry away and then will immediately empty the toy bin or drawers!

Ben still gets the hiccups when he laughs and it makes him laugh even harder.  His laugh is contagious!

Ben and Emma, Mama and Papa love you so much!
You are our little sunshines!


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