Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Randomness...(is that a real word?)

Sooo...where was I??  
Ah, yes, the random tidbits of the last few months.

*Emma was trying to climb in her crib tonight with the rail down annnnd broke it.  Nice.
*Ben put his hand through the screen in our front window.  Again, nice.
*Ben can climb into his booster seat and do up his buckle.  I'm so proud of my big boy!
*Emma's most impressive words so far are 
"Release the Kraken!"  ala Papa!
*I've stopped trying to keep my house clean...
it's pointless with toddlers.  
*Remember the challenge I made for myself to decorate 
Ben and Emma's room?  
They still have white, bare walls.  Pathetic fail on my part.  
I figure now I will wait  until we put up their toddler beds 
since they will probably be in a different place than their cribs.
*I'm making Chicken Marsala right now and it smells delicious!
*Is it sad that I really can't think of anything to write about?  
I have many things to write whole posts about like:
-our first family visit to Temple Square
-carving our pumpkins for Halloween
-our drive around "The Loop" to see the fall leaves
-Tigger and Pooh Bear!
-Ben and Emma's first haircut
-the many stinkerish things my kiddo's are up to these days!
and finally...
-the cutest picture ever taken of Ben and Emma ever!!

Will I ever share my pool pictures?
Till next time!

To tide you over till next time...Major cuteness!
Oh yeah...the infamous "stink eye'!


  1. HAHA! I LOVE IT! Lily had a short phase where she would make this very frusterated face. I tried like heck to catch it on camera and didn't succeed. and now she doesn't do it. There is one of her swimming pictures that Daddy caught a small one... My long way to say, I love that you captured this picture! hehe

  2. "Release the Kracken" made me laugh! Brad and I LOVE the Pirates movies! We just taught Brynne and Hadley that pirates day "arrrrh", and I think that's pretty darn cute. We'll work on "Release the Kracken" :)

  3. You know, she has had that stink eye since the day she was born. We love it! And we love Ben and Emma! Grandma Peck


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