Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Way back Whens-day!"

When: April 2010
Almost 5 Months old
What was happening?
For 4 months my babies had shared a crib.  
They went from sleeping peacefully side by side
to tossing and turning and kicking each other in their sleep
this was their last night in their shared crib.
A good day...
except Mama cried (of course!).
*Edited to add
Anyone wondering how the Twinkies reacted 
to the new sleeping arrangement?

Emma sobbed like her heart was broken.
Ben, my champion sleeper, fell asleep 
like nothing had changed.
Thankfully, Emma was fine the second night 
and all has been well since then!


  1. My girls slept in the same crib till they were almost 11 months. It was hard, hard, hard when they finally had to be separated. They cried and cried, like they didn't know how to fall asleep without one another. So sad :(

    Fortunately, they transitioned quickly! And enjoy the extra space they have to stretch out :)

  2. So cute! My girls couldn't share a crib past 1 month. Ky is such a noisy sleeper she keeps everyone awake!
    Visiting from the Bloghop at Multiples and More!

  3. I stopped by to thank you for linking to my blog, but got caught up in reading & looking at your sweet photos. What sweeties you have. My son & daughter shared their crib until 4 months as well. At 4 years old, they still share a room. I am sure I will cry a little when that changes...
    Lovely blog you have! Thanks for checking out mine as well. :)
    - Gina


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