Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback Friday~ First Real Thanksgiving!

Since Ben and Emma were 2 weeks old and 
stayed in bed with Mama on their first Thanksgiving, 
we are counting Thanksgiving 2010 
as their First (Real)Thanksgiving!

Mama cooked her first ever Thanksgiving dinner 
with all of the trimmings!

Our perfect little turkey!

It doesn't look like much but for my first try, 
I was proud of myself!

Patrice has mad skills (and long arms!) 
at taking family pics!

Ben and Emma love Mama's cooking!

We had a wonderful first Thanksgiving as a family.  
I was especially excited that I didn't burn our little turkey!  
Of course, Patrice would have eaten it anyway,
 and told me it was fine 
but I'm glad he didn't have to lie!

Since I was a kid, we have had Thanksgiving dinner with the Otteson/Phipps family on the Friday after Thanksgiving .  This year was no exception BUT I didn't take any good pictures 
so we'll save that for next year!

This year we are thankful that we are all in good health, 
that we have what we truly need and most of all, 
we are thankful that we are a happy family!

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