Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Will Never....

I have found some "Friends" in the world wide world of blogging.  One of them is Julia.  Her blog is called "Pontifications of a Twin Mom".  She writes the most entertaining and beautiful blog posts about her life as a "Twin Mom" and about teaching our girls about real beauty.   

In a recent blog entry she wrote about one thing she said she would never do with her twin girls.  She said she would never dress them alike but after comments about her "cute boys" she caved and bought matching dresses for her beautiful girls.  This got me thinking about all of the things I said I would never do with Ben and Emma.

Before they were born I said I would never:

*prop their bottles while they drank them.  
This one I truly regret.  I miss holding my little babes and watching their perfectly formed mouths turn into an "O" of sucking pleasure.  They still drink out of bottles but they certainly don't need my help!

*let them watch TV until they were at least 3.  
This one I hardly regret.  I truly enjoy watching Sesame Street with Ben and Emma and watching their delight when Elmo, Big Bird or Cookie Monster come on the screen.  Emma instantly yells "MO!"  when she sees Elmo and wiggles in pleasure~a delight to any Mama!  

*let them eat sugar.  
This one I've done well with but will cave every once in a while.  Ben and Emma don't know what candy is but they know what ice cream is!  They have had one or two pieces of candy but could care less~thank goodness!  I figure that while I can control fully what they eat, I will!!

*put them in the back of a shopping cart.  
This one I did just today.  We needed diapers and milk and so we ventured out to Target.  Now I usually con't go to Target but they are closer than Walmart and I wanted to make it a quick trip.  I didn't realize until we were there that I didn't have the stroller in the trunk so in the cart they went.  What a disaster!  Ben almost fell out because he wouldn't sit (big surprise!) and Emma screamed because Ben was standing too close.  I was so happy to find Sesame Street books in the dollar section and thought they would keep them happy but both of them had the books torn to pieces before we could even buy them!  This cave was a mistake and I don't think I will repeat it!

Anyway, I know I will cave many more times but that's OK!

Oh, and Julia, thanks for the laughs and the tears!


  1. Hi Wendy! A little bird told me you were talking about me :) Great to "meet" you.

    I realized after I wrote that, that I should have clarified that my "I will never..." list is much longer than just the one thing. There are many things I said I'd never do. I think another commenter said it---I've eaten my fair share of humble pie, or maybe I've just eaten my words :)

    You're right---it IS okay to cave. I always say--with twins, do what works. You can only do what you can do. Sometimes you just have to do what works make it through the day :)

  2. When they grow up you find yourself saying things you never said you'd say and some that surprise you. "Don't lick your brother." "Sure, I don't care if you have cereal for dinner." Or "Stay up as long as you want, just don't trash the living room or wake me up." Yes, I have said that to my 10 year old because I was too tired to care about fighting to get him to bed. He finally went to sleep at 3:30 am or so he told me!

    Thanks for stopping by my activity blog. I'm glad it helped!


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